Get 一词虽小,但它的用法却不少,为高考出现频率较高的一词汇之一,所谓高频词汇指的是一些词性多,意思多,用法多的三多词汇。很多时候,越是简单短小的单词,其含义和用法越丰富。比如,动词 “get”——除了可表示 “获得” 以外,它还可以表示 “明白;到达” 等等,GET概括起来有以下五种用法。



Hi, I’m Sian from BBC Learning English. Today, I’m going to give you five uses of the verb get. So you get five lessons for the price of one!

Number one – get can mean buy or obtain. I got myself a new phone last weekend.

Number two – get can mean receive. So you can get a present, an email, or bad news. One second, I just got a message.

Number three – get with an adjective can mean become. Ugh! So many messages! I’m getting really annoyed!

Number four – get can also mean understand. Hang on, someone’s just sent me a joke… I don’t get it! ‘In tents!’ I get it!

Number five – get can also mean arrive. I need to get home early. So I’m off!

I love getting messages from you all. So write some comments using one of these uses of get!


Five uses of get

1. Get can mean buy or obtain.
动词 “get” 可以表示 “购买,获得”。

got myself a new phone last weekend.

Look what I’ve got for you!

2. Get can mean receive.
动词 “get” 可以表示 “收到”。

I just got a message.

Did you get my email?

3. Get with an adjective can mean become.
动词 “get” 后接形容词可以表示 “变得……”。

So many messages! I’m getting really annoyed!

The soup is getting cold.

4. Get can also mean understand.
动词 “get” 可以表示 “理解,明白”。

I don’t get the joke.

Sorry, I don’t get what you mean.

5. Get can also mean arrive.
动词 “get” 还可以表示 “到达”。

I need to get home early so I’m off!

What time will you be able to get here?

除了以上五种用法外,Get还可以构成很多固定短语,如:get along 进行,相处 get back回来,找回 get down记下来,打下来get over 克服 get on 上(火车,公共汽车等),相处,进行get off 下(火车,公共汽车等)起飞,不惩罚 get rid of 消灭,摆脱,除掉get out 拔出,洗掉,传出去 get up 起床,起身 get to 到达get round 传开 get in touch with 和…..取得联系